How to add Music to Instagram Story – Great ways to Engage your Instagram Followers.

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms. Its popularity graph is increasing day by day due to its amazing features. Instagram understands the need of its community and adds more and more features according to the trends.

There are 500+ million active Instagram Stories users and more than 70% daily watch ig stories. Moreover, In 2018, Instagram has allowed adding music to Instagram stories.

“Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app,” says the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri.

If you are new on Instagram then definitely you need to know how to put music on Instagram stories. It’s a new way to feel closers to your audience. In this sense Instagram allows you to add entertaining music to Instagram stories.

Your primary goal should be to entertain your audience, this can be only possible when your stories are entertaining. You can also view and download StoriesIG anonymously, to have ideas about IG stories from any Instagram account.

Your Instagram account can be more worth full when you know how to increase Instagram followers, and are able to maintain your audience. Sharing amazing stories is just one part of social media success.

For making stories more entertaining, you need to know how to add music to an Instagram Story.

How to put Music on Instagram Story?

There are 2 ways to add music to an Instagram story.

When you want to add music to your Instagram story, the easiest way is to use Instagram App. Here we will just learn about the direct way, how to add music to Instagram stories?

You can also select the portion of the music track to place it on a static picture. In this article, we will completely guide you on how to add music to Instagram stories(pictures/videos).

You need to follow the simple 8 steps to add music to your Instagram stories.

Step1: Open your Instagram app and swap your screen from left to right side. Then you will be on your camera roll.

How to add Music to Instagram Story

Step2: Just swipe up and choose picture/video from the camera roll or You can select a Picture / Video from your camera roll. Click on the ‘browser’ icon from the left bottom corner and choose the file.

You can also shoot your Instagram Stories from the app, just press the ‘shutter’ button it will continue to record it. 

add music to Instagram story

Once you have selected the picture/video you want to upload, it’s time to add music to your Instagram story.

Step3: If you have selected a video then turn off the original video sound by clicking on the ‘sound’ icon from the top menu, or if you have selected any picture then proceed further.

Now click on the ’emojis’ icon from the top right corner.

adding music to Instagram story

Step4: Now click on an option labeled ‘Music’. tap on the Music label. It will take you to the music library.

music to Instagram

Step5: Instagram provides you with a music library based on name, and mood. you will find the top trending music, just need to preview different music by clicking on the play button before you make the final choice.

You can also use special fonts for Instagram on these stories to make them more attractive.

You can also search for a specific music track from the search bar at the top on-screen.

music adding in Instagram story

Step6: Instagram story music length is just 15-second music on video/picture.

The music track will be displayed as a sticker on your story. It can be customized by its size by dragging and pinching to see the display options.

Music to Insta Story
how to add longer music to instagram story

Step7: You can also choose a specific part of the music, just tap on the Music sticker showing on screen and scroll up and down to the specific lyrics you want on your story. Another way is to drag the timeline bar to change the specific lyrics of the music. A dragger with two pink lines will appear on the timeline to adjust the music.

add music in Instagram

Step8:  The lyrics of music can also be displayed on different fonts. You can try different styles and select the best one which will be suitable according to the background color of the picture/video.

adding music in Instagram post

Once you are done with editing, just tap ‘done’ and upload your amazing story on Instagram to share it with your followers.

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