How to Repost on Instagram – Complete Guide

In this post, we will completely guide you about how to repost on Instagram. Instagram does not have repost features officially as Facebook has shared, and Twitter has a retweet feature.

But sometimes we feel the need to repost Instagram posts. There are tactics that will help you to reshare Instagram posts. Before reposting on Instagram you must know how to post on Instagram.

Our postings can be stories, photos, and videos. Sometimes we have some important IG posts that we want to repost on Instagram.

Sharing something with our followers on social medial platforms are a great aspect of these platforms. As Instagram is the 7th most visited website in the world and 1.22 billion people use Instagram each month. That’s why brands have huge opportunities to grow their products by engaging Instagram users. Posting on Instagram will increase your engagement with your followers.

As Instagram is the 4th most used social media platform, many users and brands share their posts on Instagram for their followers. Followers can show their love by reacting and commenting on posts.

Keep reading the tips on how to repost from Instagram.

How to Repost Instagram Story

Instagram stories are the most Instagram posts made by users, can be shared for your followers to see. IG Stories will only last 24 hours. Maybe you were tagged in someone else’s Instagram Story and want to reshare it on your story. There are two ways about reposting a story on Instagram that is on any other account.

Method 1

This method is the easiest way to reshare Instagram stories. You just need to go to Insta Story View followed some simple steps and download Instagram stories without any login and repost story on your own Instagram story whenever you want.

Method 2

This is the official method to reshare Instagram stories. But this method has some restrictions. You can only repost those stories on which IG stories where you are tagged in.

Another restriction is that you can only repost that Instagram story within 24 hours or until they remove it because Instagram stories will only last 24 hours.

Follow these Instructions for the Official method.

  1. Go to your DM & click the paper airplane symbol at the top-right corner.
  2. Open informing message that you’ve been tagged in a Story.
  3. Press the “Add This To Your Story” button and Press Next.
  4. Select your options where you want to reshare your story, your Close Friends, or any DM of any another account. 
  5. Press Send.

How to Repost a Picture on Instagram

Method 1

This method is as same as resharing Instagram stories. Go to Insta Story View followed some simple steps and download required Instagram pictures even from any other accounts without facing any login issues.

Method 2

This method also has some restrictions, but you can easily repost any Instagram pictures. Follow these steps.

  1. Screenshot the picture you want to repost.
  2. Open the camera button and select that screenshot you had taken for reposting on Instagram.
  3. Resize the Screenshot, which will only show the picture.
  4. Repost with caption this resized picture.

Note: You can use aesthetic fonts generator to make your caption more attractive.

How to Repost a Video on Instagram

If are also looking for how to repost videos on your Instagram feed, you can again use our web tool to download any videos to repost for Instagram free. Just search the username of the profile where the video is posted that you want to repost on yours.

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