How to Turn on Post/Stories Notifications on Instagram

If you are an Instagram user and you miss most of the important Instagram posts of your family members or friends when we’ll tell you how to turn on Post/Stories notifications on Instagram so that you may get Instagram notifications of specific persons.

Instagram is an American social media App launched for IOS, but with increasing popularity now it has also an Android version. This App allows users to share photos and videos on their reels.

Instagram is popular because it has many features like its amazing filters, which make photos and videos more eye-catching.

Instagram has now become the best social media networking App with millions of users. Hundreds of people love to share their stories on Instagram. Celebrities, media agencies, brands all are using Instagram for sharing updates.

Social media user loves to follow their favorite celebrities, News agencies, or Informational pages to get the latest information. Sometimes users want to download IG stories. These posts sometimes take over our feed and somehow we miss the posts of our friends or loved ones. There is no other way to change your feed.

However you can get notifications for every post or story for specific persons, and you can see every new post on your feed of someone.

You will learn how to turn on post notifications on Instagram. Instagram has updated its algorithm to make its App more user-friendly. In the latest versions, Instagram allows users to turn on post notifications or for live videos.

Just you have to turn post notifications on and Instagram will send you notifications for every new post to get it initially.

If you are not getting Instagram post notifications of a specific person, We will completely guide you on how to turn on post notifications for an account.

How to Turn on Post Notifications and Stories Notification on Instagram

To enable Instagram notification for posts, stories follow simple steps.

Step 1: Open a person’s profile and tap the bell icon.

Step 2:Turn on toggle for “posts” & “Stories”.

How to Turn on Post/Stories Notifications on Instagram

you can also turn on Instagram notifications for live videos.

Turn on Instagram Notification for Live Video

similarly, by following simple steps you can also turn on Instagram notification for live video.

1- tap the bell icon.

2- Select the “Live Videos”.

How to Turn on Post/Stories Notifications on Instagram

3- Select “Get all notifications”.

How to How to Turn on Post/Stories Notifications on Instagram

Here another question comes to your mind will the account owner know that we have turned on notification for their profile?

Will Someone Know if You Turn on Notifications for Their Instagram?

The account owner won’t know that you have turned on Instagram notifications for their posts. Instagram will only notify you that the account owner has shared a new post.

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