How to Unblock Someone on Instagram – Unblocking on Instagram

When we block someone on Instagram, they will never appear on our feed again. But if we want them back on our feeds we’ll have to Unblock that person on Instagram. We completely guide you that how to unblock people on Instagram.

Sometimes, we want to repair your relationships or want to see their Instagram stories, photos, or reels. Sometimes accidentally we clicked on Instagram’s block button, and want to unblock followers on Instagram.

No need to worry about it at all. This article is about how to unblock people on Instagram.

Before unblocking someone on Instagram, you must know that if you are unblocking anyone to view their IG stories and he/she had also blocked you then you will not be able to view their stories.

In that case, We are going to tell you about an amazing web tool to view IG stories of anyone anonymously without having an account and without facing any log-in issue.

But if you want to unblock someone on Instagram, we’ll guide you step by step.

How do I Unblock Someone on Instagram?

We are going to tell you how to unblock people on Instagram in the two easiest methods. You can choose anyone. Both methods will work the same for Android, iPhone App, and also for Instagram web on PC or Mac.

How to Unblock Someone From Blocked Account List on Instagram?

1. Go to your Profile Page.

Click on horizontal lines from the top right corner.

how to unblock people on instagram

2. Click on “Settings”.

A window will from the bottom. Click on the settings.

Unblocking on instagram

3. Click on the “Privacy” Settings.

The privacy option is marked on the screenshot. Once you will click on privacy you will be on the privacy page.

unblock someone on Instagram

4. Click on “Blocked Accounts”.

The privacy page will be on your screen.

how to unblock people on Instagram

5. List of Unblocked Persons.

You will see the blocked persons here. Click the “unblock” button in front of the Instagram user that you have blocked.

Unblock on Instagram

6. Confirm Unblocking Someone on Instagram.

A confirmation window will appear on the screen. Click on unblock for confirmation of unblocking someone on Instagram.

unblocking someone on Instagram

How do I Unblock Someone on Instagram via Their Profile?

If you have blocked so many Instagram users, it might be difficult to find it from the blocked list and you didn’t want to find it from the list. This second method will help you to unblock someone on Instagram directly.

1. Click on the “Unblock” Button from Their Profile.

Go to the profile page and Unblock that person from their profile page.

Unblocking people on Instagram

2. Confirm Unblocking on Instagram.

A confirmation window will appear on your screen. Press the “Unblock” button from that window.

Instagram unblocking

This method will take some time if you are unblocking a lot of people from Instagram. 

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