What is Messenger Vanish mode or Vanish Mode Meaning & How to Use It?

If you are on your Instagram individual chat and having a conversation with your friend, and suddenly a secret comes into your mind and you want to share it with your friend but also want to keep it secret. Instagram has a solution for you. This article is about how you can have a secret conversation with your friends.

What does Vanish Mode do on Instagram?

Ig vanish mode allows the user to have a secret chat between two persons. If you don’t know what is vanish mood is, we are here to guide you about Instagram vanish mode. We will tell you how you can have a secret conversation Individually.

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram or Vanish Mode Meaning?

In 2020 Facebook launched vanish mode. Later on, it is also introduced on Instagram. It creates a secret chat room, where seen messages will disappear automatically when the chat ends.

Vanish mood is just for individual chat between two persons, not for group conversations. Users can enjoy vanishing mode on Facebook messenger as well as on Instagram direct messages.

Is Vanish Mood for Cheaters?

It depends on the user. they can use vanish mood for cheating their partners or can be used to just have a simple conversation with anyone which will be automatically deleted when the chat ends.

But if you want to have a spy eye on anyone, You can watch IG stories anonymously even without any log-in.

How to Turn on Vanish Mode on Instagram?

You can Turn on Vanish Mode on Instagram by following these simple steps

  1. Click on the chat icon on Instagram App.
How to Turn on Vanish Mode on Instagram

2. Create a new chat or open an existing chatbox.

3. Put your finger on the bottom and swipe up.

Instagram messages disappear

4. Release to turn on vanish mode.

vanish mode on messenger
Interested to view ig stories anonymously without an account?

when vanish mode turns on, your screen will become dark and an emoji will appear on your screen. Your chat buddy will be notified that you are chatting in vanish mode.

How to Turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram?

When you get vanish mode, now probably you are looking for how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram. Turning to vanish mode is as simple as turning it on.

swipe up to turn off vanish mode. Your DMs screen will turn white back, which means vanish mode is off now.

How to Turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram

How Do You Know that You are in Vanish Mode?

when vanish mode turns on and Your DMs screen will go on dark mode and an emoji will appear.

Enjoy vanishing mode and share secrets with your crime partner. Now your Instagram messages will disappear automatically.

Note: Vanish mode will only work on the latest version. If it is not working on your device you need to update your App first and then try.

Why I should use Vanish Mode?

You can use vanish mode if you are planning a surprise plan to purpose your girlfriend, and discussing it with your friends to give you their hands for help or planning a surprise birthday party for your girlfriend then you can get it to vanish mode.

Does Instagram Notify when We take Screenshots on Instagram in Vanish Mode?

If you are chatting in vanish mode with your chat partner and you or your buddy tries to take a screenshot. Instagram will notify the other that the chat partner is taking screenshots.

One more thing for your knowledge is that your Instagram just allows creating vanish mode on with the only ones whom you are following. This is because of the privacy policy. In this way, no one can send threads to anyone.

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